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216 white LED Fluorescent replacement Light tube fits T-8 fixture

Our T-8-216 is powered by 216 high intensity LED’s.

Our T-8-216 LED Fluorescent replacement Light encloses LEDs into the acrylic tube housing to emit light like a conventional T series fluorescent light. It is a general illumination for use in RVs, Buses, Trains, Task Lighting, Store Displays, Warehouse Illumination and Under Cabinets. Easily replace conventional T8 Fluorescent lights. Installation is Fast and Easy simply rewire the fixture to bypass the balast.  

 Longer bulb life than fluorescent light tubes.
 Humidity/Moisture Resistant
 Energy Saving
 Instant On
 No Mercury content
 No Radio Frequency Interference
 No humming sound
 No more flickering light
 Better light color Cool White Bulb Color (7000k-9000k) or Warm White Bulb Color (2700k-3500k)

. Lamp Port Size: Standard T-8
  AC Voltage: 110/220
  Number of LEDs: 216
. Watts: 14
  Lifespan up to 50,000 hours
  CE and ROHS certified

Light fixture needs to be rewired to bypass the balast as it is no longer needed. Fixture is not included

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

AMFSLT8216$120.00Bulb Color::