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AR-15 type rifle duplex crosshair front sight, replaces standard front sight post. No mod required.

CNC machined sight post has integral crosshairs to provide quick, consistent sight alignment for improved accuracy at any range. Large diameter aperture offers a wide field of view that does not obscure target; gives a sight picture that's like looking through a scope. Compatible with factory rear sights and variable-diopter target sights. this AR-15 sight has .250" thick hood that shields crosshair from reflected light, offers greater crosshair protection for extreme duty use.  Duplex, styled after the popular duplex scope reticle, improves low light visibility. AR-15 hooded sight, fits M-16 and AR-10 rifles with standard sight housings

Sight Body Style - Hooded .240 aperture

Crosshair Type - Duplex

Crosshair Size - .010 / .020 Diameter

Crosshair Material - Heat treated

Installation - Replaces post sight w/o modifications to gun

online review of this product  at this link

Will also work with Tech-SIGHT'S TSR100 and TSR200 sights for the Ruger 10/22

Availability: Usually ships the same business day