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The 2.75 gallon Berkey Light Water Purification Filter System-8 LED lamp light base version

This powerful passive water filter can purify raw, untreated water from remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries where regulations may be sub-standard at best. So how does the Berkey Light™ remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts, chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, organic solvents, PCB’s, PCE’s, VOC’s, detergents, cloudiness, silt, sediment, foul tastes and odors? And, how is it able to reduce heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, zinc, aluminum and other dangerous heavy metals, as well as nitrates and nitrites without removing the healthful and beneficial minerals that your body needs.

The Berkey Light's™ unique design combines the age-old process of micro-porous filtration coupled with modem state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials to bring you the finest water purification system available anywhere.

To use, water is poured into the upper chamber. Gravity draws this water through the exclusive Black Berkey™ filter elements. Contaminants are captured on and within the micro-porous filter element and are separated from the water. Each durable and efficient elements can be cleaned with a toothbrush and last for up to 2,000 gallons. What's more, the unique Black Berkey™ filter elements are self-sterilizing. The filtered water then collects in the lower chamber where it can be drawn through the spigot.

Often it is desirable to refill the upper chamber while some of the water from the previous cycle remains in the lower chamber. With non transparent or opaque systems the upper chamber must be removed from the lower chamber. This is inconvenient and messy because water continues to drip from the filter elements as the user checks for water levels in the lower chamber. This is especially difficult in no or low light conditions. If the user does not check the water level there is a risk that the upper chamber will be overfilled and later cause the lower chamber to overflow. The Berkey Light™ solves this problem with its transparent design. The user is able to see the water level in both chambers at all times.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Removed to below detectable limits
Carbon Tetrachoride
1, 1-Dichloroethane
1, 2-Dichlorpethane
1, 1-Dichloroethylene
Cis-1, 2-
1, 2-Dichloropropane

Ethylene Dibromide (EDB)
Heptachlor Epoxide
2,4,5-TP (Silvex)

Each Berkey filter element will filter about 2000 gallons of water, thats 4000 gallons for this Berkey Light System.(may vary depending on water quality). Replacement filters available. 

Exceeds purification standards:
MS2 - Fr Coliphage


Removal to non-detectable levels
E. Coli-Klebsiella-Pseudomonas

Removed to below detectable limits
Health effects: muscle and
nervous system disorders, cancer

Removed to below detectable limits
Health Effects
Chlorine Residual
Cancer, birth defects
Greater than 95% reduction
kidney, nervous system damage
kidney, nervous system disorders
respiratory, nervous system
kidney damage
liver, kidney, circulatory system
gastro-enteric diseases
Greater than 85% reduction
(at 19mg. per liter)
Nitrates and Nitrites

The Berkey Light™ Filter element has been tested by State & EPA accredited laboratories to exceed EPA & ANSI/NSF (Std. 53) protocol.

Reasons why the Berkey Light™ is The Ultimate Water Filter!

HEALTHY The Berkey Light™ is far superior to ordinary water filters because it removes harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites to non detectable levels, removes harmful or unwanted chemicals to below detectable levels, and reduces nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, without removing the healthful and nutritional minerals that your body needs. It’s simply the most healthful, clean and delicious water available.

CONVENIENT The Berkey Light™ assembles in minutes without tools, electricity, water pressure, or plumbing. What’s more, they are simple to operate and maintain.

ECONOMICAL The Berkey Light™ is easily the most economical purification system you can own. Its unique design allows you to easily remove and clean the Black Berkey™ purification elements over and over again.

POWERFUL The Berkey Light™ is so powerful, it is able to purify raw, untreated water from lakes, rivers and even stagnant ponds. What’s more, the Berkey Light™ is the ideal purification system to have on hand in the event of emergencies, such as blackouts, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, when tap water is not available. 

FLEXIBLE The Berkey Light™ is simple and convenient to use and can be utilized anywhere: on vacations, hunting & camping trips, in college dorms, RV’s and boats.

ELEGANT The Berkey Light™ is made of durable Lexan®, the same material used to make bullet proof glass, which makes it is durable, rugged and yet attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Partially disassembled the system can be transported in box the approx. size of 18" x 12" x 10" and weighs about 5 Lbs. So this is also great for camping trips or travel overseas. USA made, Note: Not available in Iowa or California

The Berkey Light has a 6 month manufacturer's warranty, against defects in materials and workmanship.


The eight LED lamps are so bright they can be spotted for more than a mile in the dark and incredibly, they are able to provide light, all night long, for over two weeks on a single set of four AA alkaline batteries. The WHITE LED's are bright enough to provide a long lasting low energy source of reading light, emergency light, a camping light as well as a beacon for water in no or low light conditions. The COBALT BLUE LED's are beautiful and are a real eye catcher. Additionally, the LED lamps are directional so the base can also be used as a stand-alone emergency flashlight.

The Berkey Light has a 6 month manufacturer's warranty, against defects in materials and workmanship.

PDF Flyer for the LED light Base.

The berkey light base comes with a rechargble batter pack and 110v battery charging unit, you can add 2 options to the Berkey light base, a battery adapter or a solar charger. You can add them in the drop down menu below.

PDF Flyer for the LED light Base, Solar and Battery Adapter

There are also post filter add on elements, for Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction. We also sell these, and you can find them at this link.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

AMBerkeyLightLED$322.00LED Lamp Color:  Options: