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Cammenga's rifle magazine speed loader for AR-15, AK-47 and varios other rifles.

Product Description
Cammenga's custom rifle magazine loader. Used by fighting forces and sport shooters everywhere. Facilitates quick loading of high capacity magazines without the fatigue or frustration from loading rounds one-by-one. Made from impact proof nylon fiberglass to resist heat, cold and corrosion. Models available for over 10 popular rifles.

Includes The Cammenga Lifetime Guarantee.

Cammenga Easyloaders come with a lifetime guarantee.

Available Models:

For use with .223 Ammo works with M-16, AR-15, or mini 14 rifle magazines

For use with .223 Ammo pre-loaded into "stripper clips” works with M-16, AR-15, or mini 14 rifle magazines

For use with 7.62X39 ammo. Works with SKS detachable mags.

For use with 7.62X39 ammo. Works with AK-47 rifle magazines.

MODEL 5.45
For use with 5.45X39 ammo. Works with AK-74 rifle magazines.

Pictured above is 223 cal loader. Clip not included. Choose your model below.

AMcameasyloaderRegular price: $29.99Sale price: $24.95Loader Model::