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CD V-700 6A Geiger Counter Civil Defense low-level radiation detection 0-50 mR/hr range, KI4u lab tested and recently calibrated

This geiger counter has have been rigorously checked out, tested and calibrated at the licensed radiological  KI4U calibration laboratory. This Victoreen CD V-700 Model 6a. is taken through preventative maintenance, tests, and evaluations prior to calibration. after successfully passing the KI4U lab calibration, they are then certified, and are fully ready for reliable, accurate and confident service in the field.  Then a calibration sticker is affixed to the side of the unit showing the calibration date and other relevant info.

They look slightly used cosmetically. They all have a manuals and headphones, though some will be modified and fitted with modern headphones rather than the original type. You can download a copy of the manual here.

Three ranges allow low level gamma radiation measurement at 0 - 0.5 mR/hr, 0 - 5.0 mR/hr and 0 - 50.0 mR/hr. Also, beta radiation detection with the probe window open.
Detects beta radiation and gamma radiation with the detecting wand's beta shield open, or gammas only when the shield is closed.

The CD V-700, as a true Geiger Counter, is capable of measuring ambient background levels of gamma radiation and detecting the presence of beta radiation in the environment, and thus can be used to detect such common low-level radioactive artifacts as uranium-doped marbles, Fiestaware plates and radium watch faces. The CD V-700s main purpose was as a peacetime training instrument and for use in checking food and shelter entrances for low levels of fallout contamination..

This Victoreen Model 6A geiger counters is considered the 'work horse' of the emergency response community with thousands in use today across America. Unit includes headphones, carrying strap and the original manual. this model requires 4 common 1.5v D-Cell  batteries.

The CD V-700s main purpose was as a peacetime training instrument and for use in checking food and shelter entrances for low levels of fallout contamination. High-radiation fields can saturate the geiger tube, causing the meter to read a very low level of radiation, They were used in combination with ion chamber meters such as the CD V-715, CD V-717, which can only measuer higher levels of radiation but do not saturate.  We also sell these  ion chamber meters.

We have a limited supply of these.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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