39 LED Track lighting GU10 Base 110V Bulb
39 LED Track lighting MR16 GU5.3 Base 12V Bulbs
3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm LED Light Bulb Wired, w/ Resistor attached, works on 6V to 12V great for cars or other projects. Various colors.
3W (ultra violet) 385nm LED Spot Lightbulb E27 110v
3W (ultra violet) 395nm UV LED Spot Lightbulb E27 110v
3W 200 Lumens 3 x CREE 1W LED Bulb Screw-in 110V E27 Light Bulb Uses about than 3.5 watts
4-in-1 FM Radio / Alarm / 3 White focused LED flashlight / Mobile phone charger Crank Powered
41 UV 390nm LED Flashlight 4 x AAA
5 LED Hank crank Dyanamo powered Flashlight and Cell phone charger. (XG-003) updated Version 2
5 White LED Hank crank Dyanamo powered Flashlight and Motrola type Cell phone charger
5W LED Color changing 15 colors, 4 function Light Bulb - w/ IR Controler
5W UV (ultra violet) LED Globe Lightbulb 110v
6 color LED Color changing ICE bucket with remote control
6 LED replacements for Malibu® Landscape light bulbs
7 in 1 Survival whistle, LED light, compass, thermometer, signal mirror, magnifier
7W UV (ultra violet) 395nm LED Spot Lightbulb E27 110v
8 LED small Camping Lantern 4 x "AA" High/Lo Switch
8 piece punch set. 4 brass 4 steel varios sizes in plastic case.
9 LED Ultra-Violet Flashlight 365nm 3 x AAA
9 LED, hands free, head mounted, water resistant, Flashlight 3 X AAA
AAAA Batteries – 6 pack fits streamlight Stylus flashlights
AC/DC 3 Volt adapter for the wrx911 radio
Accessories for AR-15, M16, and M4 rifles
Accessories for the AK-47 variant rifles, and pistols.
Accessories for the Ruger10/22 rifle
Adjustable crecent wrench, 6 function multitool
Advanced Kitchen Appliances
Air Purifiers
Aluminium 100 Ultra Bright White LEDs flashlight 4 X AA
Aluminium 41 Ultra Bright White LED Flashlight 4 x AAA (M41C)
Aluminium 5 Ultra Bright White LED Flashlight 2 x AAA (M-702)
Aluminium 9 1/2" flexable neck, bright white LED flashlight 1 x AAA w/ boost circuit
AM/FM and Wifi Radios
APO/FPO & International Orders
AR-15 type rifle duplex crosshair front sight, replaces standard front sight post. No mod required.
Battery Chargers
Binoculars and Optical products
Biological Preparedness face masks
Black Berkey Replacment Purification Filter Elements 2 pack
Black body Electric powered portable hand warmer with rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, lasts about 7 hours on high
Black collapsible AR-15 / M4 Carbine Stock 6 Positions
Blood tracking hunting flashlight
Bright 12 LED 390nm Ultra-Violet Flashlight (UV12AS) 3 x AAA
Bright 12 LED Ultra-Violet Flashlight 385nm 3 x AAA
Bright 14 LED 390nm Ultra-Violet Flashlight (1403UV)
Bug zapper Shaped like tennis racket 2 x AA Powered
CAMMENGA M16/AR15 20 Round EASYMAG for 223 ammo
CAMMENGA M16/AR15 30 Round EASYMAG for 223 ammo
Cammenga's model 3h - official U.S. military tritium lensatic compass
Cammenga's phosphorescent wrist compass

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