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Newton Platnimum catalyst flameless Hand Warmer Jr. Size 12 hours per fill of lighter fluid . w/ spare heat element

Gives comfortable continuous heat for up to 12 hours for the Jr. model on a single filling. These heat generating pocket sized handwarmers are great for anybody who spends time in the cold. The Platinum catalyst flameless technology ensures easy lighting and stable temperatures from beginning to the end. Made of polished chrome plated copper, which does not rust like steel. It includes a carrying case and an extra heating element. Buy one for each pocket or coat and never be chilled in the cold again. This hand warmer is the ideal gift for the hunter and fisherman, and anyone that enjoys the outdoors in the winter. The hand warmer works in the event of an emergency and should be part of every winter survival kit. Other types of hand warmers are disposable (expensive, have a relatively short heating time, and are too small warm a large hand) and the reusable types (go from hot to cold in only 1 hour, and need to be boiled in water for 15 minutes to recharge).

Heating Duration: Jr. Size - 12 hours at 130°F

Dimesions: Jr Size- 2.2" x 3.3" x .06"

Heating Element (2 included) – Platinum Catalyst technology, 5000 hours heating life, New version now lights faster(about 3 seconds)

Useful for:

(a) People who live in cold weather

(b) Special workers such as miners, oil field workers working in cold weather

(d) Fishing, hunting, skiing, and outdoor activities in cold weather

(e) Football, baseball and outdoor sports in cold wintere

Type of Fuel to Use: Ronsonol or Zippo lighter fluid only.(which can be purchased almost anywhere)

Package Includes: Hand warmer, instructions, carrying case, extra heating element.

Color of this item is now silver.

The Heating element must be heated with a Zippo, or Plastic disposable type lighter to start heating. Butane Lighters that have a Blue flame, are too hot. If you do not have a Zippo lighter, one is available at this link

We also have the full size version available at this link

Sorry out of stock for this year on Jr size handwarmer.