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Readimask one-piece filter mask with eye protection reduces risk of virus contamination: in stock

The Readi Mask™ helps protect against certain aerosols (particulates) such as but not limited to dusts, bacteria, infectious aerosols and mold,  It provides 99% filtration protection  exceeding N95 testing standards . It seals completely to face, minimizes eye contamination.  Compatible with eyeglasses.

Mask Features

 Readi mask is a patented, easy to apply, Multi-purposed, full face respirator

 Effectively reduces contaminants from entering the Perimeter edges of the mask

 No straps needed

 The eye shield portion of the Readi mask reduces ones risk against acquiring infectious diseases via ocular exposure.

This sale is for one adult size mask. if you require a child size  please contact us.
today is FEB 28 2020. we are in stock will update if we run out

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

AMRedimaskA$9.99, 10/$80.00