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Smart X72T RGB LED Wall Washer Self or DMX controled, indooi or outdoor use.

The Smart™ X72T RGB LED Wall Washer is the perfect solution for lighting up mansions, theaters, casinos, gardens, bridges, shopping centers, theme parks and entertainment plazas etc.

Smart™ X72T comes with two control methods: self-control and DMX control. Under self-control, it will work under the pre-programmed lighting effect; while under DMX control, Smart™ X72T will be compatible with any DMX512 console to meet lighting designers' specific lighting-effect requirements.

Features & Benefits:

Super powerful and higher brightness at lower cost with 72pcs of ultra bright LEDs (1 W);
Wide dynamic lighting beam with the dimension of L636*W150*H172 (mm);
IP65 degree, perfect for dry, wet and damp environments;
RGB color-changing modes controllable by most DMX consoles to get fancy performance;
Each Red, Green, Blue LED has a 256 color depth and can provide a total amount of 16,777,216 different colors;
Ease of directing the light to the right spot with 180° rotary angle;
With mounting gears and rotating for your easy installation and removal;
Long life span of over 50,000 hours with high quality LEDs.
Recommended Applications:
Building facade lighting (grazing lighting, flooding lighting, washing lighting) for mansions, theaters, casinos, bridges, hotels and shopping centers;

Indoor wash lighting (stage lighting, background lighting) for special events, concerts, clubs, hotels, theaters.

Certificates   CE, RoHS, C-UL US (UL File No.: E320842)
Quality Warranty:  1 year warranty. .

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 120VAC/240VAC
Color: RGB
LED Qty: 72 LEDs
Lumens (single LED): 44lm(Red), 70lm(Green), 15lm(Blue), Max 3096 lumens
Power Consumption: 110 W  (Max.)
Beam Angle: 15°
Lighting distance 20M(65.6 feet)
Dimension: L636*W150*H172(mm)
IP Rating: IP65 (applicable for dry, wet, damp environment)

Availability: Usually ships the same business day