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S-boston premium self ingiting platnimum catalyst flameless Handwarmer 24 hours of heat per fill of lighter fluid.

The S-Boston pocket hand warmer is an excellent one touch pocket handwarmer. The S-Boston will give you heat up to 75C (167F) and lasts for up to 24 hours! This hand warmer is easy lighting and extinguishing. There’s no need for a lighter, simply press the button for 5 seconds and it starts working! There is no need to replace the built in platinum coated glass fiber burner because the unit ignites electrically using AAA batteries and there is no flame, no soot. The hand warmer is also economical – when you turn it off, the fuel tank is blocked, so there is no fuel wasted.

Ease of use
  1. To start simply fill bottom half using included measuring tool with lighter fluid, before leaving for activities. If not being used for extended periods of time, flip top half around so rubber seal blocks fuel evaporation
  2. When ready for use make sure top half is flipped around so catalyst is over fuel area.
  3. Hold down igniter button for 5 seconds. Heat should start in about one minute.
  4. The handwarmer then needs to preheat for about 15 minutes plus, the longer the preheat the hotter the warmer will remain at during use( this is a matter if individual preference)
  5. When at desired temp is reached, place handwarmer in included air ventilated cloth bag (using less heat conductive red areas on the top and bottom to hold warmer) Metal surfaces will be quite hot at this point. The cloth bag makes handling the now hot handwarmer more comfortable.
  6. Enjoy heat for up to 24 hours.
  7. When not needed anymore, simply remove top half separating fuel from heating element, flip lid around and replacing rubber seal over fuel.
Type of Fuel to Use: Common Ronsonol or Zippo type lighter fluids only.(which can be purchased almost anywhere, drug stores etc.) lighter fluid not included.

includes: handwarmer, detailed instructions, vented cloth carrying case, fuel measuring/filling device (assists in not overfilling) and two AA batteries

-Keep out of reach of children
-Do not use while sleeping
-Do not use close to fire
-Use caution when touching, unit surface becomes hot and may burn.

Made in South Korea


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