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Terk AM Advantage AM MW passive loop antenna

The TERK AM Advantage is a passive indoor AM antenna designed for superior reception and extended ranges. Perfect for the sports or talk radio enthusiast, this TERK antenna picks up stations other antennas miss and tunes out static on many others Tunes With Pin-Point Precision At the heart of this high-performance antenna is TERK’s unique Pin-DotTM pre Tuning. This allows the user to adjust the antenna to a specific AM frequency by simply adjusting the dial to match the desired AM radio station No Messy Wires The AM Advantage can be placed right next to or on top of the AM radio-no wires or batteries are required. For an even higher level of performance, the unit can be connected to the receiver or tuner.

Superior Quality AM Antenna
Tunes In Stations Others Can’t

MODEL: AM-1000

Enjoy AM radio
Static and fading signals are a common problem for AM listeners—especially at night. Frequently readjusting the radio in the hopes of improving reception can be frustrating as well as ineffective, especially if the station is far away. The TERK AM Advantage can help listeners overcome these obstacles and make listening to AM radio the enjoyable and often informational experience it is meant to be.

Clearer Reception
No more struggling through static to listen to your favorite talk radio show or for highlights from the big game. The AM Advantage tunes out noise and interference using TERK’s own Pin-Dot™ pre Tuning system to receive AM stations with greater clarity than ever before. Pin-Dot pre Tuning adjusts the antenna to receive a specific AM frequency. By simply rotating the dial on the unit, you’ll be able to tune into the best reception possible—often
with dramatic results.

More Stations
What’s more, TERK’s Pin-Dot pre Tuning lets you pick up AM stations you were never able to enjoy before. If a station (often a distant one) is too difficult to hear above the static, most people will abandon the station. With the AM Advantage, listeners can fine tune their radio to enjoy these hard-to-receive broadcasts.

Installation Free
The TERK AM Advantage is virtually installation free. It can be simply set down next to the radio receiver or connected to a stereo using the wire that ships with the unit. The second option may provide more significant improvement in reception.

Freq Range: 530 kHz to 1600 kHz

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days