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Vanson Ultra Fast Charger for all AAA and AA NIMH and NICAD Batteries (V1EC-V6000)

Vanson Automatic Battery Charger
Model Number: V-6000

Vansons range of battery chargers are comprised more than 20 different kinds. The Automatic charger series has been developed with an easy to use and carry in mind. All advanced NIMH and NICAD battery charger is using high frequency technique, in which advanced microprocessors combine a myriad of functions. All our battery chargers have a similar effect on the batteries they recharge, whether service, starter or bow thruster batteries. As a result, the batteries generate more power, recharge more quickly and have a long life. In general, some people are unlucky to end up with a half automatic battery charger operating with a resistance characteristic, meaning their batteries were never fully recharged. The only difference is that Vanson Automatic Battery Charger is using high frequency technology so this unit has an extremely accurate charge characteristic and they dont require humming transformers, produce much less noise. This high frequency battery charger will extend the batterys life span and cuts out almost or all noise in the electrical system. There are four reasons why a Vanson battery charger is the best choice for people to consider having an automatic charger in hand:

1.    Complete and fully automatic recharging
2.    Simultaneous recharging and supplying
3.    Reliable “filling stations”
4.    Longer life span for batteries

Charge time:
NiMH & NiCAD charging time:
NiMH batteries charging time
Battery Type    Size    Charging Current     Battery Capacity    Time
NiMH    AA    
2A    2300 mAh     64 minutes
2A    2200 mAh     61 minutes
2A    2100 mAh     58 minutes
2A    2000 mAh     55 minutes
2A    1800 mAh     50 minutes
2A    1500 mAh     45minutes
2A    1300 mAh     40 minutes

AAA    0.85A    800 mAh     55 minutes
0.85A    750 mAh     52 minutes
0.85A    550 mAh     40 minutes

NiCAD    AA    1A    800 mAh     55 minutes
1A        700 mAh     50 minutes
1A        600 mAh     45 minutes
AAA        0.425A     250 mAh    45 minutes
*Charging time will be vary depending upon the brand, capacity and condition of batteries being charged

Temperature sensors for over charge protection   
Negative delta V cut-off detection
Safety timer to prevent over charge
Thermal cut off
Reverse-polarity protection
Bad cell detection

Led display for rapid charge, trickle charge and bad cell detection
Led     Light        Indicated
Red    On        Rapid charge mode
Red    Flashing    Cells are not suitable for charging (i.e. short circuit, wrong polarity, bad cells, etc.)
Green    On        Trickle charge mode/ Ready

Great companion for worldwide travelers
One hour super charger
Your choice of recharging 1 ~ 4 AA or AAA battery pieces at a time
Powered by either AC adaptor or DC car adaptor
Unique adjustable battery contact plate design 

Availability: Usually ships the same business day